Through a tailored and client-centered approach, we apply our skill, expertise and wealth of practical experience to help further your company’s interests, foster increased business opportunities and expand your sphere of influence. 


We are Client-Centered…

Serving as an extension of our client’s internal public affairs team, we work side-by-side with clients getting to know the organizations and businesses we serve from the inside out.

We Offer a Tailored Approach…

Through targeted communication and key stakeholder outreach we will help your company reach and effectively communicate your message to parties who are critical to your organization’s success.Count on us to evaluate your needs and provide a tailored approach to achieving your company’s business objectives in a professional, efficient and economic fashion.

We Are a Women-Owned Business...

Howell Consulting is certified as “Women Business Enterprise” in the areas of Public Affairs and Government Relations Consulting.


Orlando, Florida
Phone: 407-519-0881


From public affairs to business development, Howell Consulting is the partner of choice for addressing your organization’s unique needs.